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“Football has to be fun for kids or it doesn’t make sense” – Johan Cruyff

CT Pythons Mission Statement

The mission of the CT Pythons Soccer Club is to provide all players with a positive learning environment and a rigorous age appropriate curriculum regardless of their personal goals and aspiration related to the sport of soccer.


Club Philosophy:

CT Pythons Soccer Club holds itself to the highest standard regarding the development of each player, their enjoyment and character development through a unified and cohesive club structure. We will provide an opportunity for all players to receive the appropriate level of training, while reinforcing the core values of respect, teamwork, resilience and enjoyment. Success is defined by continued player interest in the sport of soccer; as well as the improvement of our players, coaches and teams.


We are developing PEOPLE and PLAYERS. Our mission is to provide a CHALLENGING and CARING environment setting up our players to deal with challenges in soccer and in life.


Core Values:

Respect: Mutual respect for each other, coaches, referees, opponents and fans form the basis of our program. We expect all participants to behave in a way that showcases respect and consideration for all those we come into contact with. We pride ourselves in our sport and understand we represent CT Pythons and will do so with excellence.


Teamwork: All team members will work together to build a sense of community and comradery. Team members will work with each other and build upon individual strengths to play selflessly, work for the team and bring out the best in each other.


Resilience: The environment of soccer comes with positives and negatives, wins and losses. We push our players to look at their losses, personal mistakes and failures as a moment of learning to build up strength, skill and their ability to push through the difficult times. We push our players to see every success and failure as a learning platform to make us better players, teammates and friends.


Enjoyment: Enjoyment is the reason we play soccer. We encourage players to be passionate, to enjoy training and love the game.